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WordPress, plugins and spam

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Wordpress, pluggin and spam

Stevey.com runs off of WordPress 2.0.3 with a couple extra plugin’s thrown in to make my life easier. I also modified a bunch of the PHP to make it do some other stuff, like saving me looking up trackback URL’s and modifying alt tags. Nothing fancy. As for pluggins, I’m running Akismet, Bad Behavior, Brian’s Latest Comments, flickrRSS, Feedburner Feed Replacement, Dunstan’s Time Since, and a tweaked WordPress Database Backup (trying to keep it pretty minimal).

The most interesting one lately has been “Bad Behavior“. “Bad Behavior is a set of PHP scripts which prevents spambots from accessing your site by analyzing their actual HTTP requests and comparing them to profiles from known spambots. It goes far beyond User-Agent and Referer.”. It has cut the spam I see down to about 20 per day and it seems to be getting less and less. It might be blocking a couple good requests but — so be it.

Any other essential plugins out there?



2 responses to “WordPress, plugins and spam”

  1. Ed Fladung Avatar

    i always wondered how you did your “recent music” list in the footer. that’s not a plugin? i gotta get on the feed burner bandwagon. i have no usage info about my feeds. mint should be capable of handling that, i’ll have to drop a request for pepper plugin.

    for your own usage, wp admin bar is a nice addition.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Hey Ed.

    Recent tunes is a combination of an old app and some code I hacked together to display it.

    I’m running which still works, the guy who wrote it stopped updating it about 2 years ago. That app monitors my itunes and uploads via ftp a text file. I take text file and make it look a bit prettier and then put it in the footer.


    The app bitches every time it starts up … but it still works.

    I’m try out that admin bar – I was looking at it the other day! feed-burner is pretty cool. Super easy to set up and the free version gives you some okay stats.