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Sufjan Stevens & Calexico on Austin City Limits

Sufjan Stevens & Calexico on Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits Presents: Sufjan Stevens followed by Calexico
Two of the underground rock scene’s most creative artists perform.

Critical darling and indie rock sensation Sufjan Stevens brings his orchestral folk/pop to the stage in support of his latest album The Avalanche.
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Highlighting its latest record Garden Ruin, Arizona’s Calexico dazzles with a unique blend of traditional songcraft and Southwestern roots music.
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Sufjan Stevens & Calexico on Austin City Limits

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dude. i’ve had Illinois on permanent rewind this entire past month. i don’t know why but i never got into the album when it first came out. i found it again and it hasn’t stopped playing since. it took marcia 2 weeks or so, to understand the guy’s brilliance. now i hear her humming the songs to herself. i’m just starting to get into Avalanche.

me too … we have 8 music lovers here in the office . so people are always showing off new stuff they find. I heard the album (ss – illinois) when it came out – then lost interest. Also really liking the Calexico – Garden Ruin album.

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