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Plank Poker

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Plank Poker

I work with a number of very cool and funny people. We decided a couple weeks back that we should do a plank poker night. We have a large open office with a perfect table for seating 6-8 people around, no neighbor’s to disturb and a Mac set to be a pumping sound system hooked to an archive of music (about 300Gig).

The office was prepped with a mini-bar, snacks and drinks, a couple pro chips sets and a whole lotta smack-talking for weeks in advance. The game was “final table tournament style no-limit hold’em”. Everyone got dealt an equal number of chips and once they were gone you were out! No buy out’s, no buy in’s – one winner takes all.

Somehow I got bumped first. I played one too many hands in which I had good cards but ended up seeing bad flops. Then went all in with a K+8 suited hoping to regain some chips. Nope. Thankfully it wasn’t too long after that next person got bumped so I had some company in the color-commentary/DJ seat. The levels of harassment and bluffing grew and grew as the night went on – it might even carry into today ! ;-)

Warren won taking out Meech in the final head’s up spots. A rematch has already been un-officially set. Some censored photos coming soon from Allen (update: photos online)! Next time we’ll have to setup ichat video with Geoff playing from Washington office.