Mt. Orford


Update: Looks like the ski season might be saved at Orford.

I’m never one to be happy about anyone losing there jobs unfairly, and have certainly been no fan of the ski-resort industry and their constant grab at real estate dollars as the motivation to run most large mountains (read Downhill Slide which thoroughly covers the issue).

That said, When I spotted this little tidbit on CBC this AM, it brought one thing to mind immediately. Wide open, un-groomed, safer (rock-less/stump-less) back country style runs that we can hike within 15 minutes of our cottage. We all have great quality snowshoes / hiking gear and have spent years now hiking whatever open vertical spots we could find (early season jay, mt. glenn, weird back-country hills). Last year we would often hit Jay from opening lift ’til noon, take off as the crowds got bad around lunch and go hike the rest of the day.

I have never been to Orford when the lifts where running and have never ridden there in the winter – but friends have. And they say it’s awesome.

Time to move from “surfing arms” to “2000 feet hiking legs” – least ’til April!!

“The owner of the Mont Orford Ski Station announced Monday afternoon that the 2006-2007 ski season is cancelled and employees will remained locked out for the foreseeable future.

André l’Espérance blames the cancellation on both an ongoing labour dispute at the facility and uncertainty swirling around the ski hill’s future, as Quebec gets ready to sell part of the parkland surrounding the recreation centre.”