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The iPhone in Canada

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The iPhone in Canada

Update: Canada.com is saying mid 2008 and it’s almost certainly a Rogers offering. (thanks Allen)

“What about Apple iPhones in Canada?” …

We have been discussing this for the past couple days in the office as a couple people here would buy one instantly. I’d buy one but would prefer to wait for “generation 2” just to be safe.

The general consensus is it’ll be available around the same time Europe gets them (early 2008); they will a contract only purchase through Rogers; estimated around 799$/899$ with 2/3 year contract; and they will be limited in availability. I can only imagine how much these will cost when trying to buy one without a cell company subsidy attached, what do you think, 1099$? 1299$? more?

John Wiseman’s post supports what we guessed (to some degree),

“I have spoken with several representatives from Rogers regarding the availability of the iPhone and it turns out that they are in fact planning on providing the iPhone to Canadians. There are no official statements but the average wait time is 6-8 months minimum once they become available in the US (check the track record with previous smartphones). I’m also told the iPhone will be available on a two or three year contract, and a data plan must also be purchased (data plans in Canada aren’t cheap). Looks like an accurate release date in Canada is sometime Q4 2007 and into early 2008. About the same time that the phone will be available to European carriers.”

Also telling – it’s not on the Apple.ca site yet. How long to we see unlocked iPhones on eBay? Will people buy them at ridiculous prices?


Salon also has a good article about the iPhone, NYT’s hand’s on review & Time’s in-depth piece


3 responses to “The iPhone in Canada”

  1. Luke Avatar

    I don’t get these mobile phone / carrier packages… much rather just lease an expensive and brilliant phone from Apple, and then slam in a cheap pay-as-you-use SIM card.

    iPhone… soooo sweet.

  2. Allen Avatar

    youre welcome Stevey!

    I still think its a mistake to be exclusively with Cingular in the States. we’ll see how that works out for them.

    With that said, assuming it will be exclusive to Rogers in Canada i am happy cause they are my carrier!