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Researching my first DSLR

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Canon Diagram

Update: Michel, who’s very good with this stuff, suggested this lens – Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM and suggested that Futureshop might be okay due to their “returns” policy

I found this amazing chunk of research on some of the most popular DSLR cameras (Canon EOS/XTi and Nikon D series), sensors, lenses, tripods. The only piece of info it’s really missing is about flashes.

I’ve looked, wondered, debated and mulled it over. I’ve stood in front of the camera case more than i’d like to admit at best buy, futureshop (Although I wouldn’t buy from them), and numerous other electronics/camera stores.

I finally came to the conclusion that I need 2 camera’s; an upgrade to my canon point and shoot — and — a DSLR to start learning about how to take quality photos.

My old Canon A series has performed beyond the call of duty taking well over 15,000 photos in some crappy conditions (wet/damp/snow & dry/sandy/beach/camping) – I like the ease of use and portability it offers. I like that I can take a photo while driving my car (not that they ever turn out great). But I want more out of it, for those time when I have an instant to “setup” my shot. Right now I’m leaning towards two new Canon’s over the next year, a new A series and an XTi). Decadent? Yes! But I realize that I love taking photos enough to warrant it.

Hopefully this link will help others… It has a couple good tips that would be hard to find, things like the Canon body not benefiting from “write-accelerated” memory and some beginner lens choices.

http://philip.greenspun.com/photography/building-a-digital-slr-system | Diagram of the EOS1 body from above