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Steve and Steph snorkel

After snorkeling for the first time last year in Mexico – and really liking to it – I’m looking at buying a set of fins, masks and snorkel. I’ll use it this year in Mexico (o yes – we’re going back – more about that in another post soon) and this coming summer in those down/flat hours on the east coast for some surface checking of the surf spots we hit (the water is not quite as clear as Mexi ;-).

I found this set at MEC, who I trust due to them selling quality gear at reasonable prices, but unfortunately the name of the equipment irks me; “US Divers”. I not anti-american, but when traveling to foreign locales, I would REALLY prefer to never have anything on my person saying “US/USA” – they should really sell a “Canadian Divers” version… even “World divers” …

Mask/Snorkel Combo – 40.00$ CAD
Fins – 30.00$ CAD

Maybe it can be modified by scraping away the logo. Anyone have any advice one buying a mask/snorkel and fin set? What about fin length and sizing? fin open heel vs closed foot design? mask w/nose cover vs eyes only? What about protecting them and general gear care?

It’s pretty much a silly/fun purchase considering how much I’ll get to use them but – you never know!

MEC.ca site | Jes’s photos from snorkeling