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Stefan and Baldface

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Stefan and Baldface

One of my best friends just got back from a 3 day cat-access snowboard mission to Baldface in BC. He had an absolutely amazing time.

Hey there guys!

Just getting back to a pile of work, but all worth it! I was out at Baldface Catboarding operation in Nelson BC last week for a little shred session. It was by far the best riding I’ve ever done! Simply amazing an well worth the bucks! They have a ridiculous amount of terrain for a max of 36 lucky people to shred up. It would take weeks to track it all up. Snowed a good 30-40cm while I was there. For those of you who ride, start saving, we’re booking a whole Cat to ourselves next year and you’re all coming.

I went out there solo to scope it out and get some freshies. Turns out some guys from the PGA were there doing the same. I ended up riding with Davis Love III most of the time. Pretty good rider, and one hell of a nice guy! We even ended up hiking a jump after riding one day, too funny! His agent wasn’t super excited about it but he walked away from it all and will no doubt kill it again this year on the PGA tour.

Anyways, if you see me with a grin on my face you’ll now know why!

Check out some ridiculous photos of Stefan slaying it