Know?Show East

Know?Show East

My boys are killing it… pretty much starting up the hottest trade show going in Canada and bringing it to Montréal. They deserve every ounce of credit for this. They saw a problem and fixed it. Think I’ll have to stop in and check the hottest stuff going and maybe even figure which clock to bid on!

“As Canada’s first action-sports and lifestyle trade show, Know?Show gives northern retailers a much more focused place to do their buying. Retailers can preview lines from companies like 686, Spy, Supra, RVCA, Black Box, Ambiguous, Sessions, Volcom, Planet Earth, and others. The first 2005 show was a success and exhibitor space for this year’s Vancouver is already sold out.

Couves, Brown, and Pugh partnered with friends Mer Van Roost, Oli Van Roost, Jesse Bowden, and Stefan Gauthier to make the East Coast stop happen. The East Coast organizers, who all live in Quebec, also share plenty of industry experience. East Coast retailers can visit the NSIA show in Montreal, but Mer Van Roost says that’s not a feasible option for boardsports stores looking to buy from an array of lifestyle brands.

Judging from pre-registration figures, retailers and vendors appreciate the East Coast addition. “We sold out in about ten minutes and have a long waiting list,” says Van Roost.

The February 11–13 show will be at the Marché Bonsecours in Montreal and covers the Ontario to Nova Scotia regions. The West Coast show takes place on February 24–26 at the Vancouver Convention And Exhibition Center and will focus on the Manitoba to British Columbia provinces.”

Check out the write up in TWS Biz @,21214,1580884,00.html

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