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Powder barrels and charlie horses

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Valhalla Powder

Saturday morning was some of the best powder riding of the year so far. We woke up to a windy, very-blue-skied day with almost of foot of fresh snow at Jay Peak. Got to the mountain nice and early (8:15am) and was able to get on one of the first tram rides up to the top to find some untracked runs.

I knew that I was not in my usual February shape due to the crappy season we’d been having — but nothing prepared me for the upper legs pain I felt yesterday. All that leaning way back, so as to not dip my nose under the deep snow, really took it’s toll. Feels like some jerk gave me two beautiful charlie horses.

But I’m no whiner – all that pain came at a great price. I had a couple steep turns where I “barreled” myself in snow from one slash to the next (riding under the wave of snow I had just tossed up). Probably the closest I’ll get to being “barreled” in any sort of wave for years to come — aka; surfing is hard.

I also thought I lost my wallet that day and thought I finally killed my camera – neither of which happened which made the day all the sweeter (found wallet at bottom on backpack and my camera did freeze up for a couple hours then come back to life – credit to Canon for making good products).

The couple photos I did manage to get