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Cold water, warm water and frozen waves

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The wall Nor'easter

With only 5 weeks to go before we’re dipping our toes in the warm pacific ocean; My mind has been turning to surfing and all that entails. Checking the wave cams, checking the surf reports for MEXICO, thinking about the new fish Johan is making me (for this summer), making sure my noodley arms are strong enough to handle 2 weeks of daily paddling. Even snowboarding 2 weeks ago, the most entertaining part of the days was hitting a natural “wave of snow” that forms on one of the runs at Jay Peak — slashing the lip — something that will take me years to learn how to do surfing.

The shot above was from the wall last Thursday (shot 1 and shot 2). The swell only lasted for a couple hours from what I saw and read but there were some heavy waves coming in. Too bad for the guys down there that it was also bitterly cold. I can’t help but mentally compare the layering/gear we wear mid january to deal with -30°C + high winds on exposed faces/lifts. It really does seem to pale when thinking about 6mm rubber and the risk of hypothermia within minutes in that water!

We’ve been talking – and are going to try to start even earlier this year – hopefully start trips down to the east coast in mid/late May. One thing that’s certain — It’ll be a shock after mex.