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Yosemite: The Golden Age

I’ve always loved the Patagonia story-telling methods they use in their business. I’ve subscribed to the catalog for over 10 years since buying some of my first Patagonia gear in the early 90’s. Johan leant me Chouinard’s (the founder of Patagonia) excellent book “Let my people go surfing” which made me respect them all the more.

Patagonia was founded as a climbing equipment company. They have an excellent selection of photos, videos and stories on the history of climbing in Yosemite valley – one of Chouinard’s major stomping grounds in the 60’s. The “early years” slide show is really worth checking out. I’m no climber (in this sense) but I find this fascinating …

“[Yosemite is] the grandest of all special temples of Nature.” – John Muir

Yosemite is sacred to native Sierrans, wilderness preservationists and, of course, rock climbers, who began to play on its big walls around the time Kerouac wrote On the Road. Climbers lived – and continue to live – in the dirt of Camp 4 on damaged canned food and on the spirit of the place. When today’s best climbers move on, like those before them, the faces will change but not the nature of the pilgrimage. Yosemite is the grandest of Nature’s temples.

To compliment to our Spring 2007 catalog, we invite you to experience a bit of Yosemite’s past and present through the photos, videos and recommended books shown below.”

Check the www.patagonia.com section with tons of links