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Nice simple BSG Theory

David Tabb has put together a nice simple theory behind the current New Battlestar Galactica series. Stop reading now if you don’t like theories and potential spoilers as I personally think he’s right (or very close). I’m still enjoying the show, even if season three has lost some of the punch season one and two had. If you watch the show – what do you think of his theory?

“I thought we should have some fun around here, for a change of pace. So, here’s what I think the backstory is on the new Battlestar Galactica series.

Back in the ancient, misty past, there were beings who called themselves humans. They built robots to act as their servants and fight their wars. The robots rebelled, redesigned themselves in their creators’ image, drove the humans to extinction, and took their place. As time went on, they forgot they were robots and instead believed they were humans. They built new robots to act as their servants and fight their wars. The robots rebelled, et cetera and so forth. The last time it happened, humanity lived on Kobol. After the robots won their revolution, they set off to found the 12 Colonies. They forgot they were robots and believed they were humans. They built Cylons to act as their servants and fight their wars. The Cylons rebelled.

The cyclical nature of this history explains how there can be a prophecy in their holy book. It isn’t prophecy; it’s a history of last time. The only thing I can’t work out is how mentions of Earth got involved. Maybe humanity did originate on Earth many iterations ago, and the name has propagated through all the revolutions.”

source: http://www.sekimori.com/david/archives/004168.php


4 responses to “Nice simple BSG Theory”

  1. Ed Fladung Avatar

    Hey steve. very interesting theory. I’d love for it to be true. I’m on ep9 and i’m digging the new season. the theory may indeed be true, but to niggle it a little, a few episodes back they ran in to that nasty virus (or bacteria or whatchamacalit) attached to that old satellite in the so and so system and all the cylons that came in to contact with it, died, and all the humans lived. obviously somebody could come back and explain this in a nanosecond with a little back-story, but it would still sound a little fishy.

    And not to distract from the current thread, but… Is BSG the new Star Trek for our generation? I’m gonna love digging this comment up, in google, ten years from now. nerd, nerd, nerd.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Hahah.. yea … I can’t escape the NERD feeling as I hit publish on posts like this too. My future grand kids will laugh.

    I agree the theory has holes o’ plenty. I do feel that this would fit with Ron Moore’s grand arc vision he claims. Gotta admit the guy has some narrative flair (minimum:15 pieces of flair –– bad office space joke) heh

    I think it might be the ST of our generation. I also get the feeling that the show will be on one more season and then end with a longer movie – which would make me happy as I hate the drawn out never-ending story that networks demand to keep shows on the air and makin $.

    I think there are 3 more episodes this season – which has gotten better in the past couple shows.

  3. John R Avatar
    John R

    Well, you’ve got to admit — he got it right!

  4. Steve Avatar

    wow — I had totally forgotten about this post.