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Plant based foam boards

Plant based foam boards

Surfboards made from plant material. A great idea. Let the jokes begin about your 5′ 2″ Fish suddenly ‘growing’ into a 9′ 10″ Long board overnight after you get it wet. (Thanks to Luke for sending me this !)

“Ned McMahon, General Manager for Homeblown’s U.S. manufacturing plant in San Diego, CA exhibited the surf industry’s first “green” surfboard blanks at Surf Expo. Homeblown US manufactures Biofoam blanks in which nearly 50% of the core ingredients are from agricultural products. Biofoam is produced by replacing the polyol component of the foam with materials converted from natural plant oils.

According to McMahon, “Until now, there has been no foam blank like Biofoam which is a far better alternative for the environment. Surfboard makers have only focused on the longevity of their materials as an answer to the environmental pressures. Biofoam represents the first…truly eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable” surfboard blank in the industry. A life cycle analysis of Biofoam indicates that its production results in 36% less global warming emissions and a 61% reduction in non-renewable energy use.”

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