Back from Mexico

Palladium Vallarta

We got back Saturday AM from Mexico. Our flight had been changed on us so we got to spend a lovely half day lounging on the floor of the PVR (Puerto Vallarta) airport ’til our plane finally took off at 1:30am. Sore butts all ’round.

Mexico was once again spectacular, and splitting the vacation into two parts really made it seems like we were gone for a month! We spent one week at the Palladium Vallarta resort in Punta Mita for Steph and Jessie’s wedding and then spent another week in Sayulita at a couple rented houses (which steph has dubbed the “buddymoon”). It was a once in a lifetime trip with so many friends.

We have over 1200 photos from the 14 days we where there and will slowly be narrowing them down to a reasonable 400 or so on Flickr (is that possible??). Here’s the first of 3 planned sets — From arrival up to the morning of the Wedding. Lots of our friends have already started uploading their photos. Anile & Christian, François and Donna and Steph and Jes (the bride and groom) all have put up amazing pictures so far!

I have a couple fun stories to tell about staying at a 5 star resort, surfing (dodging ?) huge waves, driving in Mexico, life in Sayulita; all coming up… soon as I get my life back on track in cold and snowy MTL.

For now – check our shots.