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Barletta having fun

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Barletta having fun

Check out this great video of Louis Barletta. His skating just looks like a good time, kinda crazy and all over the place yet still really high level. The video is from “Man Down” by the Tilt Mode Army.

TW: Your skateboarding is characterized by a lot creativity, most of which seems to convey your personality as well. Who or what influences you to do the different things you do on a skateboard?

LB: Ron. I like to refer to him as my personal confidant, but I guess his official title would probably be “personal advisor.” The dude is super ridiculously intense-some nights I can’t even retain all of the info he seems to be able to spit out at me. And other times our conversations are so intense that it leaves me with a headache the whole next day! But I don’t know, influences? Underwear? Under the influence?” — Silly Transworld interview

The whole movie is on Google video – doubtfully for very long.

(Thanks to Gouge for the link !)


One response to “Barletta having fun”

  1. scott Avatar

    awesome. he’s got such an old school thing going on, with the 15 running steps to do a boneless off of something. hilarious.
    the ollie-up to crazy half-blunt, half-grapefruit grind on handrails is some serious shit though. ooof. plus he looks like a ramone.