Mayday in Florida

East coast goes off

Where would you guess the above photo was taken? What about ‘earlier this week in Florida’ ? would that have been the first place that came to mind ? Probably not. Tropical Storm Andrea sent massive swell to FL and NC over the past 4 days and Surfline has put up a spectacular gallery of the results. Unfortunately the storm didn’t produce much swell for the Northeast above NJ, but it’s nice to see the season on the east starting with sucha’ bang!

“Wintertime is over and hurricane season is still a few weeks away, but surfers up and down Florida’s east coast and in protected areas of North Carolina are probably still grinning and making excuses to loved ones and bosses for being absent the last few days.

The culprit, Tropical Storm Andrea, just created some of the biggest surf to hit Florida since the Perfect Storm swell of 1991. This isn’t the first so-called hybrid storm to form well before the advent of hurricane season (Tropical Storm Ana in April ‘03 sent epic surf to Southeast Florida), but it was most certainly the biggest in recent memory.”

Surfline’s Florida MAYDAY special report