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Season 4 will be the last for BSG

I only really like 3 or 4 TV shows, and BSG is one of them. This makes me happy to think that Ron Moore will be able to go out with a bang. You can tell he struggled midway through his story-telling arc, as he tried to plan out which pieces to fill the viewer in on and when. A couple too many “filler” episodes in seasons 2 and 3 might have turned people off and lead some to believe he had run out of “gas”. I doubt that will be the case with season 4.


iF MAGAZINE: What’s coming up for season four?

EDWARD JAMES OLMOS: It’s fantastic. I think they’re going to discover some very important issues about what the fan base really, really wants to see and what’s to understand about this show. We’re heading into the final season. This is the final season as we speak. All of us are very saddened by that, but we always knew there was going to be a conclusion and we would find Earth, so we will be finding Earth this season. I wish it would [keep going]. I could do 10 years like this season. I think that this is some of finest usages of television that I have been a part of in my life. Bar nun. I’ve been doing this for 42 years. I’ve done some really good work in television and motion pictures but there really is nothing like this show. I can honestly tell you that this is one of the finest dramatic pieces work on humanity I’ve ever seen in my life.”

iF Magazine interview with Edward James Olmos