The Tintin trilogy

Tintin and the Black Island

I swear I learnt how to read French just so I would understand these books. My grandmother had the complete set of all 24 books when I was growing up (her 6 children had gone through them also). I read every single one at least a couple times over. I’ve never watched the “animated versions” for fear they would suck (am I wrong ?) ! — so this news is very cool as I’ve always felt that the stories deserved a higher quality treatment. Interesting to imagine how they will create the “look” of the main character in 3D coming from such a stylistic source …

“The directors of ET and the Lord of the Rings trilogy are teaming up to bring the adventures of Tintin, Belgium’s famous globe-trotting reporter, to the big screen.

Spielberg and Jackson will joint-produce three back-to-back features, based on Hergé’s comic book character, with each directing one film. It is as yet unclear who will direct the third movie. The films will be shot in 3-D, using motion capture technology, a technique by which an actor’s movements are recorded and used to create an animated character. Jackson used the technique on the Lord of the Rings films to create Gollum.”

Spielberg and Jackson team up for Tintin trilogy

2 thoughts on “The Tintin trilogy

  1. That’s cool. I remember reading all of those too, in french from the llibrary at L.E.S.

    The earlier animated series was ok, but not the same memories as reading the books, and even though the style was the same… it didn’t quite have that ‘graphical’ apeal that the books had.

    Be really interesting to see what the Spielberg/Jackson duo come up with.

  2. funny. i didn’t really think about it too much while I was there, but remembering back to Vietnam, they are obsessed with Tintin. so weird, the mix was so incongruous. like at the tshirt shops: tees of Ho Chi Minh next to tees of Tintin. at the home knick-knack store: bamboo-laquer bowl and plate sets with Tintin decorations. Tintin posters in every store. It was as if Tintin was bigger then Mickey Mouse and all the shop owners were convinced that if they sold Tintin more people would buy form them. i shoulda took pictures. Tintin lives, in Vietnam

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