Cold water, waves and new fish

Fish nose

This long weekend will be the first trip down to the coast for us. The weather looks ‘shite’, the water will be cold and steel gray, but there will be waves. Possibly big waves cleaning up to head high beauties by Sunday.

Also be the first time out on my new board, which I’m only bringing down (the fun-board is staying home). Waxed it up last night as doing the first wax when it’s freezing outside in the rain wouldn’t be so much fun and would just waste arm energy I’m going to sorely need !

“A strong low is approaching from the south with plenty of energy (including tropical moisture). Waves are expected to grow (in form of S to SE swell and NE wind waves) through at least Saturday morning. Leftovers are currently expected Sunday with light winds. Looks like and interesting weekend is in store, one in which beginners will need to use caution.” — NE Surf

This should be fun, and by fun; I mean interesting !! We’re all very stoked to get back in the water. Too bad the water is 9°C!

2 thoughts on “Cold water, waves and new fish

  1. good luck out there, dude. you gwon need it. but besides the cold, have fun and get ‘er all down in pics. i’ll throw down some pujas to the swell gods for you.

  2. thanks man — we’ll try and get some “in-water” shots with Jes’s camera. Where’s my battery powered heated wetsuit ?!! brrrr.

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