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In the past 2 years I’ve camped out a couple times, I’m guessing somewhere around 50 nights, maybe more. We’ve gotten pretty quick & efficient at setting up a comfy and dry campsite, especially the “late night roll-in after a long drive and all you want to do is sleep” setup. This morning I find a message from the admin of the flickr group « yourcampsites », how could I not join!?

The guy who set it up is also building a web 2.0 site for camping enthusiasts, not much there right now but who knows…

“YourCampsites is an exciting new website where you can upload and view images, videos and detailed descriptions of all of the wonderful places you camp. Need someone to go hiking with or going to a new area for a weekend getaway? Your Campsites will let you meet new friends and discuss your next big adventure with like-minded others.

Whether you’re a weekend hiker, high altitude mountaineer or a family who frequents state parks, YourCampsites is the place to find out what you need to know before you go.” — http://www.yourcampsites.com

Check the Yourcampsites Flickr Group


2 responses to “Campsites”

  1. Allen Avatar

    tent a little too close to the fire pit, no??

  2. Steve Avatar

    hahah .. not when it’s POURING rain !!