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Wendell on Facebook

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As more and more friends hop on (and off) of Facebook, someone I know jumped on for a couple weeks then tried to jump off — the best part for him was the offline reunion facilitated by facebook.

He wrote up a great review for reviewguys.com

“You must enter your real birthday to register.”

The online form is refusing to process my registration and has given me a gentle rap on the knuckles. In the birthday field I’d entered the oldest available date — January 1, 1910 (If it’s not a financial institute or a government website, I don’t like entering my real birthday online — any other situation I figure it should be optional). Naturally, my first thought is: “How the HELL does it know how old I am?” I calm down, realizing it’s probably just some device to weed out dishonest entries (enter a date too old, they figure you’re lying). I’m somewhat placated when the form accepts my second effort, not my real birthday, but close enough. In the internet nano-moment that my registration is processed and accepted, my heart goes out to all the 97-year-olds born January 1st stuck on the sign-up screen.”

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One response to “Wendell on Facebook”

  1. Wendell Avatar

    Hey I was on for a MONTH, not two weeks… gave it plenty of time to win me over…