Sea Legs

Patagonia - Sea Legs

Patagonia has a fun new movie out called “Sea Legs”.The website didn’t have much more info about the full movie; but the trailer looks great.

A PATAGONIA SHORT FILM: Sea Legs; Surfing Northern Sumatra

“Patagonia surf ambassadors head to the Indian Ocean to test surfboards and gear, visit local communities and surf as many waves as daylight allows. Belinda Baggs, Mary Osborne, Fletcher Chouinard and Chris, Keith and Dan Malloy join up with Adam Kobayashi and the crew of the Southern Cross for the trip.”

YouTube Trailer here

One thought on “Sea Legs

  1. What is Patagonia’s deal? Are they going to be a full fledged surf company or keep skirting the perimeter. They need to make surf products – hardgoods. We don’t need another clothing company.

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