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Surfline and Quiksilver's 'badwill tour'

Update: Surfline has a full thread with photos of some of the accused/events – wonder how long that will stay up ? Here’s the PDF print out of the thread just in case they accidently hit the delete button. (thanks Anile)

Seems like Surfline/Quiksilver bought off a famous Mexican point break (Barra de la Cruz) on public Mexican beaches, hired goons to not let anyone surf even though the contest was days away, and are about to take some flack for some bad, bad calls.

“Surfline and Quicksilver are taking over Barra de la Cruz in Southern Mexico near Puerto Escondido. They are going to close it down and have their own private surf trip. No contest. A private little surf trip. They say they are donating $20,000 to the community so that their 15 surfers can surf there for 5 days during a big swell without the riffraff (you an me and the locals who don’t have a car to go someplace else). ”

That part sounds a bit exploitative/pretentious — but wait ’til you read what happened when two guys tried to go surfing.

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  1. Dan B. Avatar
    Dan B.

    Wow, that’s the worst story I’ve heard for a while. Can you imagine saving up and planning to go, just to get screwed when you finally get there! Pretty bad for the locals! Good job on putting up the PDF!