Cloud surfing

Cloud surfing

Kinda a fun story, but it’s really the photos that make it spectacular! I’ve uploaded them here (700k large image) as I can’t find them from a public source.

“Who’d ever guess you could surf clouds just like surfing ocean waves? You won’t get wet but you’ll need a hang glider instead…

Just a couple of weeks ago, ABC Hobart Drive presenter Louise Saunders was talking to Englishman Gavin Pretor-Pinney about clouds.

Gavin’s the founder of the UK-based Cloud Appreciation Society; naturally he’s also written a popular Cloud Spotters Guide. One of the chapters is all about the Morning Glory, a particular cloud formation that appears in the Gulf of Carpentaria. It’s a big rolling cloud stretching for hundreds of kilometres – think of a big surfing wave coming through – and it’s very popular with glider pilots who love to ride the Morning Glory. ”

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