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Surfing dolphins

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Dolphins surfing

I know that one day I’ll be surfing somewhere — I’ll see a fin/dark shape pass under me, and I hope that that day, it’s a Dolphin. This story from an UK newspaper is cool. Photo is even better. Dolphins are the worlds best surfers.

“Many visitors to Australia have two particular things on their ‘to do’ list – go surfing and swim with dolphins.

It seems the dolphins like to do exactly the same. As this astonishing picture shows, this group of at least 20 of the creatures couldn’t resist catching a giant wave when it came along. The friendly animals often come close to the shore at this spot some 300 miles north of Perth in Western Australia and rub their noses against swimmers and surfers in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.”

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One response to “Surfing dolphins”

  1. feelsgood Avatar

    hell yes! we have large number of surfing dolphins in san diego county too. it’s quite awesome when one jumps out right near you. those pics are great.