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The past weekend

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thanksgiving weekend

With the leaves turning everywhere along Interstate 91 through Vermont and New Hampshire, we headed down Friday morning for a long weekend of warm weather, glassy windless smallish conditions and plenty of great New England Micro-brewed beer. There wasn’t a whole lot in the way of swell predicted but we figured it was better than sitting around in the city. Pleasantly surprised with stomach high waves and extremely glassy on Friday and about the same on Saturday (on the high tide swing/push).

The water was so warm I surfed in my boardies and a rashguard Saturday morning. Surreal for beginning of October this far north. “That Al Gore guy might be onto something” as I recently read. Too bad for me that of course — I get a fin in my hip on a not so graceful bailout. Nice 2 inch cut right through my shorts and skin. Pay the piper for all those waves I caught. Thought it was stitches time but ended up looking worse than it was.

Sunday we hit a new spot up north; “Higgins” which I frequently check in the wave cams but have never surfed at. Always fun to go to a new spot even if the swell was a bit flat.

It’s only getting colder now though and we’re all eye-balling some sweet 5/4/3’s from Excel.

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