Finally a good phone from Fido… the Nokia 6300

Nokia 6300

If you need a phone from Fido, take a good look at the Nokia 6300.

It’s thin, built solid and doesn’t feel plastic-y, the interface is fast, and it has bluetooth. The ringtone volume can be set very loud and the sound quality seems very good to me. The battery lasts 2/3 days on a charge with lots of voice/sms use. I still want to purchase the car power adaptor though for those long surf trips – but Fido doesn’t have them in stock yet.

The fact that it syncs with my Mac (very well) was one of the key highlights for me. I can now keep my address book on my Macbook instead of my phone and always have a backup of it (using Isync, Address Book and Ical which gets ‘synced’ with Entourage); which is a huge plus.

You might need this plugin – Nokia 6300 iSync Plugin – which worked perfectly for me.


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