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The 3rd Bourne

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The Bourne Ultimatum

We watched the last of the Bourne Movies last night – The Bourne Ultimatum.

As much as I don’t want to like like Matt Damon – I do. He’s a good actor who *very* convincingly plays this part (more than in the first 2 movies). Both Linda and I think he’ll be one of the actors who’ll be around ’til we’re old and grey. Maybe he’s the next Harrison Ford ?

The movie is non-stop. You’re dropped in minutes after the second movie ends….

“Mr. Greengrass knows how to do his job, and there’s no one in Hollywood right now who does action better, who keeps the pace going so relentlessly, without mercy or letup, scene after hard-rocking scene.” – NYT

Well worth watching.

The Bourne Ultimatum: