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Like Indian food? Vegetarian? Want to try your had at making some Indian food at home?

Answering yes to any of these three; you’ll want to check out “Manjulas kitchen — A homemade Indian vegetarian cooking show on YouTube.”

Her flat bread recipe is so easy; even the most flour-challenged (like myself) should have no problem.



7 responses to “Manjulas kitchen on Youtube”

  1. Ed Fladung Avatar

    oh my god, dude. killer find! we’re in heaven. chapatis tonight for din din.

  2. Ed Fladung Avatar

    we just spent the last hour checking out manjula, she’s great. i’m waiting for the “chole bhature” recipe. thanks again.

  3. Steve Avatar

    love everything about this also…

    we recently acquired a large supply of different indian dried spices from a friend who was moving – so we finally have some of the raw ingredients.

    Linda’s already been making some great dal’s.

    One project we need to get on is to make some Ghee.

  4. Mike Avatar

    Awesome find bro. I just made some killer bread pakoras thanks to manjulas kitchen. Her website is now up at http://www.manjulaskitchen.com. Enjoy!!

  5. Steve Avatar

    Great find Mike — we made her flat bread recipe and it worked like a charm !! Still haven’t gotten to making some Gee. cheers.

  6. Steve Avatar

    Like that her site is running on WordPress also (with permalinks/comments/categories and tags/etc)

  7. seeta Avatar

    I like ur recepi Besan paare very good spicy crackers. Thanks for ur recipe