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My wild rice salad

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My wild rice salad

wild rice (brown and red) + parsley + white toasted almonds + shallots + red peppers + celery + carrots

3 lemons + bit of red and white vinegar + olive oil + s/p + pinch of cumin

Cook the rice and let it cool. Toast the almonds in dry pan. Cut all the veggies and parsley. Mix everything in a large bowl. Mix the dressing and add it to the bowl with some salt/pepper to taste.

Letting this sit overnight in the fridge before eating allows the rice to soak up some flavors.


3 responses to “My wild rice salad”

  1. Allen Avatar

    mmmmm. looks delish!! i like the almonds idea

  2. Anile Avatar

    AAAHH it’s dinnertime and this is making my mouth water!!!

  3. johan Avatar


    I’m still stuffed full of carribean food and it’s making my mouth water as well.