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Mt. Shefford Hike

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Update – Check my panorama from the summit on Youtube

Saturday we went exploring. We had heard rumors of a closed down ski hill in the townships, Mount Shefford. Legend even told us that there was a way to drive right to the summit on a year round cleared road.

Woke up early on Saturday, with B picking me up downtown. Bright blue skies, -10°C and not a whisper of wind.

Short 45 minute drive later we pulled into the now closed Shefford parking lot. No one else in sight and no tracks walking up from the lot. Quickly geared up with the gear I have left (some of my new stuff is being cleaned after the cottage after implosion), snowshoes sunglasses and some layered gear wit my board on my back.

The mountain is smaller than our old hiking haunt, Mount Glenn, but seems steeper. Someone had recently snowmobiled up so we had a clean/easy track to hike. The snowpack was thinner than expected but a recent snow had left a good 6″-8″ on top of a firm 1/2 foot base.

Unfortunately B started feeling a bit ill so we slowed it down; and just enjoyed the walk up. Took about 45 minutes to reach the top. Old ski mountains are erie, with the ghosts of lifts and fading signs to keep children safely on the runs.

Legend proved reliable and we found a well trafficked road passing with 40 feet of the summit. We’re planning on some great “shuttle days” !!

Had an awesome fast run down; light pow that was much better than expected. One fresh track the whole way with some awesome small rooster tails and backside slashes.

Full photoset here