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Every time you hear stories about guys surfing the Great Lakes, remember the photo above.

It was taken today somewhere very close to Toronto on Lake Ontario. I keep looking and thinking it’s some elaborate trick.

Thing is it must have been -15°C and windy in T.O. today and that’s fresh water. Almost can’t believe there’s not ice floating in those shots ?!

Check out R. Kemppainen’s whole photo set here


8 responses to “Waves on Lake Ontario Today”

  1. johan Avatar


    That’s a nice sized wave.

    There must have been ice somewhere outside the frame of the photo.

  2. Ray Avatar

    Nah, there wasn’t any ice forming where these guys were. Other areas had a tiny bit of ice, but it was pushed up on shore because of the waves.

    Thanks for linking to my photos!

  3. Steve Avatar

    Ray – that’s truly amazing. 2Q’s — Did you get out also – and – What’s the water temp like ?

    Hope it’s okay that I’ve linked to one of your shots/photoset.

    Keep up the stoke.

  4. Ryan Avatar

    No way!!!!

  5. Steve Avatar

    Ray – http://www.70percent.org/blog/lake-ontario-surfing/ so you know where the increase in traffic is coming from!

  6. Ray Avatar

    Steve – I don’t surf (yet) My buddies do, so, if I get a chance, I come out to take pics. This was the best day that I’ve managed to capture yet. I was just as stoked as they were!
    That increase in traffic gave my Flickr the biggest jump it’s ever seen!
    I think that the water temp is just above freezing.

  7. marco Avatar

    i live in ottawa. somebody can tell me how can i get to lake ontario for surfing, there is any place can i stay….and what is the best time to go. i love this sport. thank you.

  8. Steve Avatar

    Hi marco — i’ve never gone myself but I do know that you want to wait for very windy days.

    if you search around the net you find a bunch of great lakes surf talk — maybe something like http://www.surfontario.ca/contact.htm ?

    good luck !!