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Surfy Surfy

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surfy surfy

Surfy Surfy‘ is one of my favourite blogs; these guys are producing some beautiful work out west. Visiting the Moonlight Glassing showroom is on my to-do list at some point when I get back to cali!

“Surfy Surfy is your daily source for surfboards, surfing and surf culture. Surfboards shown are built at Moonlight Glassing in north San Diego county, California USA. … Thank you for supporting custom surfboards and surfer labor.”

Reading today I happened to notice a link back here to stevey.com in their sidebar !! Thanks guys – made my day.

Visit surfy surfy daily and support handmade surfboards


4 responses to “Surfy Surfy”

  1. johan Avatar

    Yee-haw surfysurfy!

    Definitely on my to-do list as well.

  2. feelsgood Avatar

    woah! this is a mere mile or two from my house. will definitely check out and thanks for the surfy link

  3. Steve Avatar

    Hey FG — take some photos for your flickr account if you go by !! sick.