New iPod

New iPod
Had to pick up a new ipod.

The color 30 Gig that Linda gave me was starting to get a bit worn out – seeing that I used it everyday for 2 years and it went with me everywhere – it held up really well!

FutureShop had a sale on the 80 gig Classic, for 250$ (end’s tomorrow). It’s very nice; but I still have to find a new case for it; something simple like a sleeve that I can slide it into when traveling.

The larger color screen makes it easier to read in the car; one of my primary uses for it. I thought about a 16gig touch; but it really didn’t seem that useable while driving – unless I got some other system to control it which would have been $$.

One thought on “New iPod

  1. […] With the purchase of my new iPod, I needed a new case. I’m pretty picky about cases, logos, and styling. I wanted something that just act like a protective envelope for my iPod, which could easily be removed in order to plug the iPod into my car dock. It had to be tough enough to sit in my bag and protect against normal bumps and jostling. Apple sells one that looked really good — but it’s 100$! […]

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