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“That was a very early test with the sole purpose of just getting some footage to Ben our vfx (visual effects) supervisor to see if our vfx plan for the faces would work. The clip doesn’t look or feel anything like the movie, the Wild Thing suit is a very early cringy prototype, and the boy is a friend of ours Griffin who we had used in a Yeah Yeah Yeahs video we shot a few weeks before. We love him, but he is not in the actually film…Oh and that is not a wolf suit, its a lamb suit we bought on the internet. Talk to you later…“ – Spike Jonze”

‘Where the Wild Things’ clip showed up on the internet today. Looks great.

See my original post about the book becoming a movie.


One response to “‘Where the Wild Things’ clip”

  1. Anile Avatar

    “… a very early cringy prototype” ??? What???!! That Wild Thing suit kicks ass! If that’s cringy, I’ll be glad to take it off his hands. CAN’T WAIT.