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Pitchfork picks up where others have failed… and sounds like they’re knocking down all the stops that the TV channels have faced..

They launch a 24h online-music-full-screen-network on April 7th. Can’t wait to see what they can pull off.

“The 24-hour music network was such a great concept. What happened? Given music’s nearly inexhaustible supply of notable artists and genres, there are no limits to how deeply it can be explored. But despite all the footage we’ve seen of high-profile rock and pop artists hitting their creative strides, similar documents of independent artists are far less accessible, if they exist at all.”

and …

“In addition, Pitchfork.tv will become the first online video channel to screen full-length feature films, vintage concerts, and music DVDs free of charge. From the Pixies’ 2004 reunion tour film LoudQuietLoud and Todd Phillips’ notorious GG Allin documentary Hated, to Jimmy Joe Roche & Dan Deacon’s acid-drenched visual art piece Ultimate Reality, Pitchfork.tv will highlight a different film each week in its entirety.”

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