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Some links for April 4th through April 8th…

  • WordPress Publisher Blog
    “This blog is aimed at helping publishers get the most out of WordPress. We’ll cover features that are often overlooked, we’ll highlight plugins that extend WordPress functionality, and we’ll showcase interesting sites being built with WordPress.”
  • 30 Comment Designs
    “Comment design is an art. Comment design is often overlooked by a lot of web designers when they are designing their blog.”
  • EXPN.com: – The Death of Vert
    “"Vert's dead. Again. It's just that this time, it's the X Games that say so."”
  • Real Time – WSJ.com
    “"A couple of weeks ago I committed a digital-age faux pas."”
  • Portal:Battlestar Galactica (RDM)/Episode Guide – Season 4 Guide – Battlestar Wiki
    “Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide – Season 4 Guide (may contain spoilers)”
  • The Cleanest Line: A Big Score
    “Gerry's last story… "Yesterday I scored big. It was one of those rare days which left me so pumped up when it was over I knew I was going to have trouble falling asleep last night."”
  • The Cleanest Line: The Buddy
    “Part 6 of Gerry's stories… "Except for his rather large collection of blues records, there were not, in a material sense, a lot of other things Buddy Dumphy considered important or worthy of much thought."”
  • Pitchfork.tv Takes a Stab at Music Videos
    “Sensing a gap between MTV's cheesy reality shows and YouTube's labyrinth of pixelized musical treasures, music tastemaker Pitchfork Media plans to launch a video section Monday that will showcase live performances and other original content.”
  • Supercharge Your Camera with Open-Source CHDK Firmware – Wired How-To Wiki
    “Digital cameras have powers beyond what is immediately available to the user. On a standard Canon, for example, the fastest shutter speed option offered is 1/1,600 second, but the hardware can handle much more than that — up to 1/60,000 of a second.”