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We signed up for the “early adopter” TIVO update last week. They have a page where you can put in your TIVO serial number and they send you the latest system software sooner. In this case the update is meant for series 2 TIVO’s like ours.

I signed up last Sunday and have been checking our TIVO daily to see if had been “auto updated” yet. When we got home late last night – we flicked on to watch Thursday’s Jon Stewart and I instantly knew we had been upgraded.

Everything seems a little bit faster; some things seem MUCH faster. Getting info and setting pref’s per recording seems quicker. Going to the main menu seems 3-5 seconds faster and is now almost instantaneous.

This is the kind of update every electronics consumer wants. No new bloated features; they just made the existing ones better. This type of thinking on their part has vaulted TIVO up even higher in my view of them (which is already cloud level).

TiVo will roll out a new software update to all subscribers in the next few weeks, which promises to remedy a common complaint among TiVo users since the service launched over eight years ago: speed.

TiVo software version 9.3 will significantly speed up nearly all of the common tasks that customers do with a TiVo. No longer will the DVR pause for nearly a minute while it reorders Season Pass priorities or stall for half a minute when a Season Pass is created. Users will see between 10 and 30 second speed improvements in these areas.

In addition, the interface will feel crisper, with TiVo Central (the default dashboard that pops up after you press the TiVo button on the remote) loading 1 second faster. Scrolling through the Now Playing list of recordings and changing the channel will also now be around 1 second faster. — Continue article at betanews.com

Here’s the page to get the update | How to buy a TIVO in Canada


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    In honor of this post — this category on my blog is now “tivo + movies + music” instead of “tv + ..” !!