Update: Week 13 of Yoga

Yoga week13

Well well well… here we are at week 13! Can you believe it? Not quite sure but that’s about 50 yoga full sessions.

Back at week 4; (https://stevey.com/2008/02/10/update-week-4-of-yoga/) I was really starting to feel the results of it.

I was still sweating like crazy by the end of each session (not that I’m that much better now but I’m able to make it through a concentrated session without feeling faint ;-)

After many more weeks, Here are some more thoughts and notes;

  • Really noticing forearm strength now, biceps still feeling stronger, lower back, almost every muscle.
  • Flexibility on “forward fold” and “downward dog” much much better (still a long way to go though)
  • Starting to notice that one side of my body is much stronger than the other
  • Breathing is continuing to improve but still the toughest part
  • Able to hold poses much lower to the ground now and for much longer
  • Doing yoga on the road takes some planning
  • I pinched some muscle in my back – had to take a couple days off to make sure that “healed” – not sure if it was from yoga or something else
  • Considering taking some classes to fix the myriad of mistakes I’m surely making
  • Curious how this will help my surfing in 3 weeks time

(feel free to rip into my terrible yoga pose above !)

6 thoughts on “Update: Week 13 of Yoga

  1. hey there,

    was wondering, i am total newbie about yoga. what does it do exactly, esp. in regards to health/exercise? I was not aware that it could strengthen muscles … and about breathing? how can it make breathing better


  2. Hey Heri —

    (first off — I’m a bit of a newbie also !!)

    Well I’m specifically using it to improve my surfing (living in Montreal – the times i do get to the ocean I want to be in the best/most flexible shape I can be in).

    I think it’s better to think of the term yoga like the word “exercise” — meaning you can tons of different types of it.

    I’m practicing one type of yoga called “Ashtanga” and specifically a set of moves called a “Vinyasa Flow”. It’s also called “Power Yoga” in some places. It’s a series of movements which you “hold” – it’ll make you sweat and is very tough at first.


    Breathing is a central part of practicing; you are supposed to really control your breathing as you go through the motions. There’s also meditative types of breathing exercises that can really improve your lung capacity, etc.

    It will 100% make you stronger — I can certify that. It will quickly improve almost all your muscle groups.

    What are you looking to get out of it ? Get in shape ? connect with your body ? Breathing improvements ? Relaxation ?

    Hope this helps a bit.


  3. thanks,

    it’s just that i always thought yoga was just for meditation/relaxation.

    this is curious, i’ll take a class this week to see how it goes.

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