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The L.A. WESC on ROBERTSON BOULEVARD always seems to have fun stuff going on.

This time they have some impressive giant live grass hanging rings. I’ve always liked the work and people that seem to come out of the “Art Center College of Design”.

“WeSC (We are Superlative Conspiracy), one of the finer establishments in America for all your skate culture needs (and boasts the support of Stereo Skate guys Jason Lee and Chris Pastras) has some big doings. Former Pasadena Art Center College of Design student and avid snowboarder Jeff Hastings may work with grass seed (you can see his grass wall at Bandini Art gallery in Culver City), but his work ain’t no Chia Pet. What Hastings has created is an “environmental art installation”–rings of grass comprised of soil, seed, and vermiculite that look like potted donuts–in WeSC’s L.A. store. He suggests that having the rings growing in the store “defies the odds of nature.” Kind of like a flower growing through a crack in the sidewalk. Or Carrot Top..”