WESC earphones at the iStore

We just swung by the iStore in Westmount to pick up an iBook we had in for service (bad luck for the old iBook – fried logic board).

Surprised to see they had 10 or so boxes of WESC earphones on display for sale. Asked how they’d been doing and the guys who run the place mentioned that they’ve almost sold out of their first order and the demand/inquiries are high!! Even the employees are rocking them.

Congrats the Jer, Jes and B @ Tiger for getting this program flying.

Find the iStore here.

LA WESC store and Jeff’s Grass Rings

The L.A. WESC on ROBERTSON BOULEVARD always seems to have fun stuff going on.

This time they have some impressive giant live grass hanging rings. I’ve always liked the work and people that seem to come out of the “Art Center College of Design”.

“WeSC (We are Superlative Conspiracy), one of the finer establishments in America for all your skate culture needs (and boasts the support of Stereo Skate guys Jason Lee and Chris Pastras) has some big doings. Former Pasadena Art Center College of Design student and avid snowboarder Jeff Hastings may work with grass seed (you can see his grass wall at Bandini Art gallery in Culver City), but his work ain’t no Chia Pet. What Hastings has created is an “environmental art installation”–rings of grass comprised of soil, seed, and vermiculite that look like potted donuts–in WeSC’s L.A. store. He suggests that having the rings growing in the store “defies the odds of nature.” Kind of like a flower growing through a crack in the sidewalk. Or Carrot Top..”


WESC headphone videos are out

The WESC headphone program is about to take off. I’ve seen them in person and they’re awesome…

“The first of several WeSC headphones videos are finally done! You’re the first to see them, and we think they’re pretty amazing. We hope you agree! Links literally just went up and can be viewed here:

Ray Barbee, Lady Tigra, Amy Gunther, Timbuktu, ADL, Frankie Shin & Svala, MEGA, AC Bananas of Steed Lord can be seen in :

And Ed Leigh is doing his thing in:

We have 2 more videos from LA coming soon – starring among others: Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, Mercedes Helnwein, Alex Prager, Beth Reisgraf & Clint Peterson.”

Check out the WESC headphones collection here

Tiger, the boys and the RCA building


The guys at Tiger got a write up this past week, main page in the Gazette business section.

They’re really on a role with the WESC Headphones program coming up, KnowShow next week and a solid season ahead for WESC clothes.

This was overdue.

“There’s over 30 brands in this building – in this hallway – right now that are all really relevant in the streetwear and skate fashion game,” said Jesse Bowden of Tiger Distribution, whose office is a couple of doors down from Mehra’s.

When Bowden founded Tiger in 2001, he set up shop in “a 500-square-foot dungeon,” and began selling WeSC, a then-largely unknown Swedish clothing line. While Tiger did a modest $30,000 of business in its first year, it was soon ready for bigger digs.

In 2004, after two moves, Bowden invited his friends Oli and Mer Van Roost of Rekognize, a marketing and design agency, to share his space with him.

By 2007, Tiger was selling $3 million worth of clothes a year and needed to expand farther. That’s when the Van Roosts turned Rekognize into a sales agency – although they still do design work that interests them – and moved into the space across the hall from Tiger in the RCA centre.”

Read the whole article here | Tiger post on this

WESC Fall 07

WESC Fall 07

The boys over at Tiger have been busy! They recently got the WESC fall 07 collection onto store shelves across Canada and wow… some beautiful pieces…

Jesse writes…

“For those of you that couldn’t get your hands on the latest WeSC consumer catalogue, here is a preview of some of the many hot styles served up by the crafty Swedes at WeSC. ALL of these styles are NOW available across Canada at the finer WeSC dealers! To get more details about each style, check out the WeSC home site HERE. Enjoy and get on it before they are sold out!”

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Hardingham on WESC

Hardingham on WESC

Andrew’s a great guy and an awesome rider. I’ve hung around with twice at the Empire Shakedown — he’s a perfect fit with WESC,

“Canadian Andrew Hardingham is joining the Superlative Conspiracy, meaning that we will have to deal with one of the craziest/weirdest people in the snowboarding scene today. According to Canadian distributor Jesse Bowden, Andrew is a perfect fit for the Superlative Conspiracy since he is such a creative rider, always looking for something different. He will be rocking our Outerwear as well as our Streetwear! ”


WESC Let’s get physical

WESC LGP competition

WESC has launched a music competition. A ton of entries have already been uploaded — some good and some bad !! You can either submit an original track or create a cover of Olivi-Newton-John’s “Let’s get physical” from ’82. “Everyone that submits a song gets a pair of free WeSC headphones” which is pretty cool in my opinion.

Hello Superlative Conspiracy, It was about time for us to do something exciting on the World Wide Web and we decided to team up with VICE, Hyper Island students and media agency Starcom to unite musicians around the world.

Let´s get physical is our recently launched online competition. We want you to have fun creating songs inspired by our campaign and will reward you with a pair of free WeSC headphones. As if that isn´t enough, we might even invite you to perform your song at our bash in London!

Check www.wesc.com/letsgetphysical for more info.

Jason Lee Interview

Jason Lee Interview

Fecalface.com has a recent interview with Jason Lee along with some of his photographs.

“Someone once said, “talent lies in everyone, it just takes the right spark to set it off.” Jason Lee’s spark was skateboarding. Skating put him in the right place at the right time to get a spark off of something else, acting. Acting brought him into the world of the movie camera, which sparked off into photography. But his entry into to the visual arts started professionally with his direction of Stereo’s classic film A Visual Sound, 1994. It has continued into this new century with photography and directing short films.

As you’ll read, Jason’s interest and passion about photography runs just as deep as it does for skating and acting. His quiver ranges from the traditional 35mm cameras and large format Polaroids to glass plate negative monsters, like the one used to take the ghostly black and white portrait of Brian Gaberman that you’ll see below. His work has appeared in Anthem Magazine, The Skateboard Mag., and Stereo Sound Agency ads. Another saying goes, “a photographer is only as good as the next project”, he is curently working on a new project that will be in book form. Jason continues to push himself creatively and speaking as someone who has watched him grow from his early skating years, I’m sure it’ll be something interesting to watch.”

Read the Interview