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Jason Lee Interview

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Jason Lee Interview

Fecalface.com has a recent interview with Jason Lee along with some of his photographs.

“Someone once said, “talent lies in everyone, it just takes the right spark to set it off.” Jason Lee’s spark was skateboarding. Skating put him in the right place at the right time to get a spark off of something else, acting. Acting brought him into the world of the movie camera, which sparked off into photography. But his entry into to the visual arts started professionally with his direction of Stereo’s classic film A Visual Sound, 1994. It has continued into this new century with photography and directing short films.

As you’ll read, Jason’s interest and passion about photography runs just as deep as it does for skating and acting. His quiver ranges from the traditional 35mm cameras and large format Polaroids to glass plate negative monsters, like the one used to take the ghostly black and white portrait of Brian Gaberman that you’ll see below. His work has appeared in Anthem Magazine, The Skateboard Mag., and Stereo Sound Agency ads. Another saying goes, “a photographer is only as good as the next project”, he is curently working on a new project that will be in book form. Jason continues to push himself creatively and speaking as someone who has watched him grow from his early skating years, I’m sure it’ll be something interesting to watch.”

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