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New WESC headphones
Jes got me an awesome sample pair of WESC headphones — the Jussi Signature Oboe model. They are tiny compared to my massive Sony MDR-V600’s.

Perfect for an upcoming trip and a hot summer in the office (the sony’s are like heated earmuff’s)!


6 responses to “New WESC headphones”

  1. Ed Fladung Avatar

    dang. those are some tight headphones. what’s up with the hook up?

  2. Steve Avatar

    My boys are the distributors for WESC for all of Canada going on 6 years or so.

    They absolutely kill it – one of the worlds best WESC programs. (they also do Brixton – http://www.brixtonltd.com/ and Sixpack – http://www.sixpack.fr/)

    You met one of them in Sayulita — and you’ll probably meet Jes this spring when we all hook up for beers.

  3. Chris Avatar

    Yo Steve, you know those tiger guys? Damn that superlative conspiracy game is on track the headphones look good for Holiday ’09. On another note I assume Sayulita Mexico as I have never heard of any other *Love the mellow point breaks south of there in Punt de Mita* Well if any of you guys head out to Alberta…. Drop me a line on my e-mail got the skate spots in summer and the rockies in winter, no surf until we get some major fault lines breaking south or west in the next million years.

  4. Steve Avatar

    Hey Chris —

    Yea – some of my best friends — Jes and Steph are always saying great stuff about “The Source” – I remember seeing photos of the source LIMO a couple years back — killer ! That headphone program blows me away — so well done.

    We’re heading that punta mita/sayulita in mexi — third time going – 2 weeks of traveling around and surfing as much as we can.

    100% — been meaning to come riding out there at some point – find some big open steep pow !! (we have great pow but it’s in the trees and harder to hit with speed)

    Feelin the same way about the coast moving “up to” Montreal — for now it’s a 5 hour drive every weekend down to New England.

    take it easy –

  5. Dj Delysid Avatar
    Dj Delysid

    Hows it going everyone? Ive been eyeing the wesc aoki models for a while and I just saw the model in blue/neon yellow/and white. Are these released yet because I cant find them and I think they said they were summer 2008? any info would help, thanks alot!