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The guys at Tiger got a write up this past week, main page in the Gazette business section.

They’re really on a role with the WESC Headphones program coming up, KnowShow next week and a solid season ahead for WESC clothes.

This was overdue.

“There’s over 30 brands in this building – in this hallway – right now that are all really relevant in the streetwear and skate fashion game,” said Jesse Bowden of Tiger Distribution, whose office is a couple of doors down from Mehra’s.

When Bowden founded Tiger in 2001, he set up shop in “a 500-square-foot dungeon,” and began selling WeSC, a then-largely unknown Swedish clothing line. While Tiger did a modest $30,000 of business in its first year, it was soon ready for bigger digs.

In 2004, after two moves, Bowden invited his friends Oli and Mer Van Roost of Rekognize, a marketing and design agency, to share his space with him.

By 2007, Tiger was selling $3 million worth of clothes a year and needed to expand farther. That’s when the Van Roosts turned Rekognize into a sales agency – although they still do design work that interests them – and moved into the space across the hall from Tiger in the RCA centre.”

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