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WESC LGP competition

WESC has launched a music competition. A ton of entries have already been uploaded — some good and some bad !! You can either submit an original track or create a cover of Olivi-Newton-John’s “Let’s get physical” from ’82. “Everyone that submits a song gets a pair of free WeSC headphones” which is pretty cool in my opinion.

Hello Superlative Conspiracy, It was about time for us to do something exciting on the World Wide Web and we decided to team up with VICE, Hyper Island students and media agency Starcom to unite musicians around the world.

Let´s get physical is our recently launched online competition. We want you to have fun creating songs inspired by our campaign and will reward you with a pair of free WeSC headphones. As if that isn´t enough, we might even invite you to perform your song at our bash in London!

Check www.wesc.com/letsgetphysical for more info.