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Watch this excellent 6 part series called ‘Talkin Pipe’ with Gerry Lopez and Jock Sutherland talking about surfing on the North shore of Hawaii.

They have some great stories and are really enjoyable to listen to.

On November 10, 2007, Gerry Lopez and his surfing hero, Jock Sutherland, gave a slide show presentation entitled “Talkin’ Pipe” at the Patagonia surf shop in Cardiff, California. The two surf legends spoke about their own experiences at Pipeline, and shared observations on the current scene, to a backdrop of photos provided by Jeff Divine and Surfer Magazine.



2 responses to “Patagonia’s series with Gerry and Jock”

  1. rob70 Avatar

    I was there, fun night.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Guess this kinda thing is one of the benefits of living in socal !! Very cool. The Patagonia stores are on my “must visit” list next trip.