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Board Packed

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Board Packed
My surfboard packed and ready to fly in a new FCS travel bag.

There’s a whole ‘lotta foam, towels, bubble wrap and one yoga mat surrounding my board. Let’s hope it makes it alive !!


9 responses to “Board Packed”

  1. Ed Fladung Avatar

    woo hoo! what are you bringing, the johan fish?

  2. Steve Avatar

    Yea – the green rasta quad !! I got a bit better riding it in costa – still a kook though ;-) hahaha – 2 days away and starting to feel the excitement building.

  3. rob70 Avatar

    Looks like you better pack a step-up board too!

  4. Steve Avatar

    Totally — only got one to bring !! dang – will have to make due this time. I’ll buy there if it comes down to that ;-)

  5. Johan Avatar

    Hehehe , the Johan Fish. :-)

    I gots a semi-gun lying on my racks……


  6. rob70 Avatar

    From the swell models, it will! Have fun bro!

  7. Steve Avatar

    Thanks boys – I’ll nab a sweet mexi wave for each of you !

  8. Stephane Daury Avatar

    Enjoy your hard earned vacation bud. And catch a wave for me. :)