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Mexico Week 2

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I left off the Week 1 report with “it’s half done – go time!!”. Well thankfully that’s what we did — at least for 3 days.

With Marc staying on for an extra 3 days due to the promise of some decent swell hitting Sunday and Monday; we fell into a beautiful routine of Burros in the AM (7 til 10am) ; back to the house for eat/sleep/downtime and then head to La Lancha for a 4 to 7pm session.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday saw the predicted swell hit. Swell between 3 feet to some larger set waves shoulder to head high. Burros offered us the best walls and some glassy morning conditions leading to Ben’s “hippy angels singing trippy glowing light” moment of the trip as he hit a 5′ right hander that was perfectly clean / ultra glassy with the Mexican sunrise shimmering off the face.

We continued to hit it as much as possible ’til the swell started to die down Monday evening. Marc had to fly out Tuesday. He spent the best 100$ of his life for those 3 extra day’s of amazing waves. Way to read that one buddy.

The end of the week got a bit dismal; no swell above 3 foot; so we made the call and rented some glassed longboards to Sinenen’s surf shop in Sayulita. I got a 9’0″ Robert Auggie model with a leash that was way too long but the board rode well. Another lesson learned — when surfing over super shallow water a 10 foot leash can get easily snagged on the rocks if you don’t “pull in some slack” making for some funny moments trying to paddle only to get yanked around.

We spent 3 days catching 100’s of knee high ripples and trying to figure out the 5 + toes nose ride; the Malloy feet parallel stance, the backwards ride, and the bounce your feet off the reef without shredding your skin techniques among others. Sayulita offers a great right for logging that is “party wave” friendly as long as you call it.

Even Ed came out with his 9 foot San Miguel log on Friday AM to help us finish off our week with a marathon 5 hour longboard session.

Week 2 gave me many more great rides, some of my best rights of my life and some serious speed taking off on one good set wave at Burros. Even my logging improved; with one ultra smooth ride with my tail in the curl for a good long glide. Technically one of the best waves of my life even it is as only 2 foot. So much fun.

The sea life continued to gear up; with potential of a small shark one morning at burros making everyone a bit nervous in the line up (the water was boiling 300 feet out with some big fish trying to escape something that wanted them for breakfast) – the kicker was this lady from FL talking about ‘sharky situations’ for a good 30 minutes. The collective “shut up” uncomfortable stares didn’t do much and thankfully she caught a good wave that shut her up on the subject.

We saw a bunch more sea turtles; some disgusting eel’s, huge flocks of pelicans up north, 1000’s more flying fish; numerous colorful fish in the reefs under out feet, some nasty man-o-war jellies (a newbie surf girl in Sayulita got one wrapped around her leg and the whole beach thought she was gonna die).

I guess the rest of the report will come through pictures in the next couple days. It was another amazing trip; even without macking waves we surfed 6 hours a day consistently for 12 days straight, my surfing improved 10 fold again and everyone had a great time.

Thanks to all my fellow travelers and Ed for the company, touring and laughs.

Viva Mexico. If you can go – do it.