Hooking my Mac up to our new TV

Finally received the cables I had ordered from Monoprice.com allowing me to go from my MacBookPro’s DVI output to our new TV’s HDMI input (Sharp LC42D64U).

Wow. TV shows full 1080p quality right away and the Mac treats it like a super high res second monitor.

We watched a couple ultra HD clips from Vimeo.com, some Apple 1080p movie trailers and some other downloaded 720p content. Pretty much blown away.

Here’s the link to that DVI > HDMI cable for 4$.

8 thoughts on “Hooking my Mac up to our new TV

  1. i got a mac mini hooked up to my flat screen. 2 problems:

    1. normal video files look jaggy
    2. the apple remote is the shizz, but navigating by mouse, on the couch is the suxor. could use a 3d mouse or a touch-based tablet for mousing.

  2. a shame hi-def movies are not avalaible from Canada on iTMS

    btw, doesn’t this slow down the macbook?

  3. @ed: i’m sure there’s a way around prob 1 — is the mac mini on mini DVI or a VGA converter?

    @heri: slowdown — nope — my macbookpro handles playing 1080p content pretty well — I don’t know if i’d want to be trying to do some heavy photoshop work while playing movies in the background though ;-)

  4. I have a Mini attached to My TV – I used to remote buddy fir the remote. Leo broke the old version. When I get my iPhone in June I’ll get the NEW remote buddy – you can use it via VPN to run the mini from the iPhone (or Touch) check it out. http://www.iospirit.com

  5. Oh – the other thing – Optical Audio via Belkin cable. It’s Mini audio cable to ptical – so the mini (or my MacBookPro) serve up 5.1 surround! If your looking for this cable – find it via Apple Online Store – belkin’s site doesn’t list it.

  6. I’m looking to hook up my new macbook pro to my tv but I don’t know if that cable that you left a link to is the correct one. Is that for the new macbooks or the older ones?

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